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The Power Of Persistent Prayer

The Power Of Persistent Prayer
Cindy Jacobs

Medium: Boek | Artikelnummer: 9780764208744

Genre: Theologie

Verschijningsdatum: 3 augustus 2010

Bestselling author and recognized international prophetic prayer warrior Cindy Jacobs has written a most helpful, informative and edifying book concerning the spiritual discipline of prayer. Prayer is something most professing Christians talk about a lot but do very little of.
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Productbeschrijving voor 'The Power Of Persistent Prayer' van Cindy Jacobs

Bestselling author and recognized international prophetic prayer warrior Cindy Jacobs has written a most helpful, informative and edifying book concerning the spiritual discipline of prayer. Prayer is something most professing Christians talk about a lot but do very little of. Maybe that is due in part to our ignorance as to what prayer really is and what purposeful and passionate prayer can really accomplish.
In the first chapter of her book, Why Pray, author Jacobs cites Scripture passages, a very poignant personal example of an experience in her own life with her son Daniel concerning prayer and the writings of respected authors and church leaders such as Paul Billheimer and Dutch Sheets to answer the Why question about prayer for us. After you read Chapter 1 you will not only want to pray more and pray more effectively, purposefully and passionately, you will have a better understanding of why pray and just how important it is in our lives as Disciples of Christ.
In Chapter 2 author Jacobs presents her case for the reason for and the necessity of persistent praying sharing stories as examples from the lives of real people, from the Scriptures and the writings of John Wesley. She makes it abundantly clear in this chapter that persistent prayer is not only vital to our spiritual lives but it is also Biblical as taught by Jesus in his Parable concerning the persistent widow in Luke 8:1-8.
Many of us as professing believers are confused about the issue of prayer and praying for and praying the will of God in our lives. It is a mystery to us and it is because of that fact that most of us do not pray the will of God. The good news is in chapter 3 of her book, author Jacobs writes confidently about the important matter of Praying the Will of God. Praying the will of God requires that we know what his will is and as author Jacobs informs us The Word of God reveals the will of God for us so praying from the Word is essential to be able to Pray the Will of God. She shares the amazing true story of George Muller who fed thousands of orphans as a result of his persistent, purposeful and passionate praying in the will of God. She also shares appropriate and helpful Biblical passages that enables us to better understand Praying the Will of God so that by understanding what it means to pray the will of God we will then know how to do it.
Chapter 4 is a most important chapter and requires a slow, considerate and prayerful reading as it is in this chapter that author Jacobs shares Blockages to Answered Prayer; the things in our lives that keep our prayers from being answered as we would like them to be. She writes concerning what she believes are 5 Blockages to Answered Prayer. They are A Deep Emotional Wound, Unforgiveness, Bitter Roots, Unconfessed Sin, and Strongholds of the Mind. What makes her book so powerful is that she consistently refers to the Scriptures to support what she writes. The real examples of other people that she writes about in her book are helpful in supporting her claims; however, it is her rightly using and dividing God's Word that makes her book most compelling and powerful.
In Chapter 5 author Jacobs writes about the issue of fasting and its correlation to prayer. Fasting is not something that most of us as Westernized believers know much about let alone practice, but as you will learn from her book, it is a most essential spiritual discipline that should be combined with our persistent praying as believers. And God truly responds in a mighty and marvelous way when his people fast and pray the right way and for the right reasons - which you learn in her book.
Chapter 6 is about Praying the Word, and how to do it effectively. There is nothing more powerful in the world than a person on their knees before God in prayer and praying the Word of God. God delights in our doing that and he responds to our doing it. It is something we all need to do more of to be sure.
In Chapters 7 author Jacobs writes how very important and essential it is for us as believers to blend our persistent prayers with Persistent Praise. God loves to hear and respond to both the prayers and the praise of his people.
In Chapters 8-10 the author writes about 3 types of prayers explaining their significance as well as how to pray them most effectively. The 3 types of prayer she writes about are Intergenerational Prayer, Proclamation Prayer, and Kingdom Intercession. And all 3 are types of prayers we should all be praying as Disciples of Christ. In the chapter concerning Kingdom Intercession she offers some extremely helpful and practical tips as to how we can become more effective as Intercessors in prayer for God. At the end of her book author Jacobs provides us with a discussion guide that has questions for either individual or a group study of the book.
As one wise preacher once said to me in regards to prayer - he needed the prayer, and I needed the practice. Author Jacobs book is a God-sent book that has reminded me and us as Disciples of Christ again of the importance of persistent, purposeful and passionate prayer as well as the God-glorifying results that occur when we pray in that fashion.
I received a complementary copy of The Power of Persistent Prayer by Cindy Jacobs from Bethany House Publishers for reviewing it.

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Genre Theologie
Artikelnummer 9780764208744
Leverancier 316 Europe
Uitgever Van Ditmar Boekenimport B.V.
Druk 1
Bladzijdes 208
Taal Engels
Uitvoering Boek
Hoogte 210 mm
Breedte 133 mm
Dikte 13 mm
Gewicht 258 gram

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