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Ted Dekker

Medium: Boek | Artikelnummer: 9781595545787

Genre: Populaire romans

Verschijningsdatum: 5 november 2019

Some say roll with the punches. Drift with the tide.
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Productbeschrijving voor 'Sinner' van Ted Dekker

Some say roll with the punches. Drift with the tide. Nothing can stop the inevitability of change. There was a time when 3 Spartans disagreed with such mindless thinking and stood in the gap. Now it's time for 3, to stand in the gap. Sinner is the story of Marsuvees Black, a force of raw evil who speaks with wicked persuasion that is far more destructive than swords or guns. Beware all who stand in his way. It's also the story of Billy Rediger and Darcy Lange, two unsuspecting survivors of a research project gone bad, who discover that they are perhaps the two most powerful souls in the land. Listen to them or pay a terrible price. And it's the story of Johnny Drake, the one who comes out of the desert and leads the 3,. Follow him and die. Sinner tells the story of a free land where people who worship as they please and say what they believe are suddenly silenced in the name of tolerance. Most will roll with the punches. Most will drift with the tide. But not all. Not the 3,.

Extra informatie voor 'Sinner' van Ted Dekker

Genre Populaire romans
Artikelnummer 9781595545787
Leverancier 316 Europe
Uitgever Van Ditmar Boekenimport B.V.
Druk 1
Bladzijdes 374
Taal Nederlands
Uitvoering Boek
Hoogte 210 mm
Breedte 140 mm
Dikte 32 mm
Gewicht 346 gram

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