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Lion Storyteller Bible
Bob Hartman

Medium: Boek | Artikelnummer: 9780745964331

Verschijningsdatum: 31 maart 2021

The Lion Storyteller Bible broke new ground in its presentation ' both verbal and visual ' of Bible stories. It has been immensely popular, with sales in the UK exceeding 130,000 copies and editions printed in more than 11 languages.
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Productbeschrijving voor 'Lion Storyteller Bible' van Bob Hartman

The Lion Storyteller Bible broke new ground in its presentation ' both verbal and visual ' of Bible stories. It has been immensely popular, with sales in the UK exceeding 130,000 copies and editions printed in more than 11 languages. Since The Lion Storyteller Bible was first published Bob Hartman has established an international reputation as a storyteller and writer. This new book integrates more than 20 new Bible story retellings with the 50 tried and tested originals. It also includes a useful appendix of Bob Hartman's hints and tips for storytelling, as well as 4 CDs on which the stories are narrated by voiceover specialist, David Holt. Newly commissioned illustrations throughout will capture as much warmth and appeal as those in the first edition.

Introduction 6
The Old Testament In the Beginning 8
The story of creation: Genesis 1-2 A Sad Day 10
The story of the fall: Genesis 3 A Special Promise 12
The story of Noah: Genesis 6-9
The Tall Tower 14
The story of the Tower of Babel: Genesis 11 God's Friend 16
The call of Abraham: Genesis 12, 17-18, 21
The Bad Brother 18
The story of Jacob and Esau: Genesis 27 The Runaway 20
The story of Jacob and Laban: Genesis 28-29, 33 Joseph the Dreamer 22
The story of the young Joseph: Genesis 37 Joseph the Prisoner 24
The story of Joseph and the king's dreams: Genesis 39-41 Joseph the Ruler 26
The story of Joseph in Egypt: Genesis 42-45
The Secret Baby 28
The birth of Moses: Exodus 1-2 The Burning Bush 30
The call of Moses: Exodus 3-4 The Great Escape 32
The story of the exodus: Exodus 7-14 A Long Journey 34
Moses leads his people through the wilderness: Exodus 16-40 Spies in Canaan 36
Entering the Promised Land: Numbers 13-14, Deuteronomy 1 The Walls Fall Down 38
The battle of Jericho: Joshua 6 A Brave and Mighty Man 40
The story of Gideon: Judges 6-7 Samson's Great Deeds 42
Tales of a strong man: Judges 14-16 Samson and Delilah 44
A story of betrayal: Judges 16 Samson and the Philistines
46 Samson's last act: Judges 16 Ruth Finds a New Home 48
The story of a foreigner: Ruth 1-4 Samuel Hears a Voice 50
The call of Samuel: 1 Samuel 3 Samuel the Kingmaker 52
Samuel chooses Israel's king: 1 Samuel 8-16 David the Giant-Killer 54
The story of David and Goliath: 1 Samuel 17 The Wise King 56
The wisdom of Solomon: 1 Kings 3 Elijah and the Ravens 58
Elijah in hiding: 1 Kings 16-17 A Jar and a Jug 60
Elijah and the widow: 1 Kings 17 God Sends Fire 62
Elijah and the prophets of Baal: 1 Kings 18 The Helpful Servant 64
The story of Naaman: 2 Kings 5 Jonah the Groaner 66
The story of Jonah: Jonah Hezekiah Trusts God 68
A miracle of healing: 2 Kings 20, 2 Chronicles 32, Isaiah 38 Down in the Well 70
The story of Jeremiah: Jeremiah 38 The Boys Who Liked to Say No 72
Four boys who kept God's rules: Daniel 1 The Men Who Liked to Say No 74
The story of the fiery furnace: Daniel 3 Daniel and the Lions 76
Daniel in the lions' den: Daniel 6 Esther Was a Star 78
A Jewish girl saves her people: Esther 2-9 A Time to Build 80
Rebuilding Jerusalem: Nehemiah 1-4 The New Testament The First Christmas 84
The birth of Jesus: Matthew 1, Luke 1-2 The Wise Men's Visit 86
The story of the wise men: Matthew 2 The Boy in the Temple 88
The visit to the Temple: Luke 2 Jesus is Baptized 90
The baptism of Jesus: Matthew 3, Mark 1, Luke 3, John 1 Jesus' Special Friends 92
Jesus calls the first disciples: Luke 5 Down Through the Roof 94
Jesus heals a paralysed man: Luke 5 The Centurion's Servant 96
Jesus heals a Roman's servant: Luke 7 The Storm on the Lake 98
Jesus calms the wind and waves: Matthew 8, Mark 4, Luke 8 'Time to Get Up' 100
The story of Jairus' daughter: Matthew 9, Mark 5, Luke 8 The Marvellous Picnic 102
Jesus feeds five thousand people: Matthew 14, Mark 6, Luke 9 The Kind Stranger 104
The story of the good Samaritan: Luke 10 The Two Sisters 106
Jesus visits Mary and Martha: Luke 10 The Unforgiving Servant 108
Jesus' story about forgiveness: Matthew 18 'I Can See!' 110
Jesus heals a blind man: John 9 The Two Houses 112
The parable of the two builders: Matthew 7, Luke 6 The Big Party 114
The parable of the great feast: Matthew 22, Luke 14 The Good Shepherd 116
The parable of the lost sheep: Matthew 18, Luke 15 The Lost Coin 118
The parable of the lost coin: Luke 15 The Big Spender 120
he parable of the lost son: Luke 15 Big Bags of Money 122
The parable of the talents: Matthew 25 The Man Who Came Back 124
Jesus heals ten men: Luke 17 The Pharisee and the Tax Collector 126
Jesus' story about heartfelt prayer: Luke 18 Jesus and the Children 128
Jesus blesses little children: Matthew 19, Mark 10, Luke 18 Jesus and the Taxman 130
Jesus and Zacchaeus: Luke 19 The Great Parade 132
The story of Palm Sunday: Matthew 21, Mark 11, Luke 19, John 12 The Widow's Coins 134
Jesus' story about giving: Mark 12, Luke 21 An Important Meal 136
The last supper and a betrayal: Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 22, John 13 A Dreadful Day 138
The story of Good Friday: Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23, John 19 A Happy Day 140
The story of Easter: Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, John 20 On the Road to Emmaus 142
A resurrection appearance: Luke 24 Goodbye at Last 144
Jesus appears to his friends: Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, John 21 The Helper Arrives 146
Pentecost: Acts 2 The Beautiful Gate
148 Peter and John heal a lame man: Acts 3 On the Road to Damascus 150
Paul's conversion: Acts 7-9 Tabitha Wakes Up 152
Peter heals a good woman: Acts 9 The Earth Shakes 154
Paul and Silas in prison: Acts 16 Paul is Shipwrecked 156
Paul goes to Rome: Acts 2-21, 27-28 Sharing stories with a crowd 158

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Artikelnummer 9780745964331
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